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When you need working capital fast for your business. Same Day Funding up to $1 Million We also offer a micro loan up to $35K in Minutes


We know business funding. We offer Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Equipment Financing,Working Capital and more!


We offer all SBA Loan Products. You focus on your business and let us get you approved. Start Ups, Expansion, Commercial etc.


We are a Nationwide Hard Money Provider.​ ​Fix and Flip, Purchase, Cash Out Refi, Ground Up Construction and More!


Nationwide Cash Out Refi on Commercial and Residential. Special owner occupied program, NO Monthly Payments

Business in a Box

We at Team Work Funding is offering you a complete funding business in a box for a very small price of $4997.00 and you get back $2500,00 after you have successfully generated FIVE fundable leads that gets funded.
Here is what you get:
  • A  professional website ( sample: )
  • You commit to spend $30.00 per day in ads spend and we set up your ads for you. You just have to repost those ads daily that takes about 10 minutes per day.
  • Como Group and Partners do all the talking to the clients
  • Como Group and Partners will do all the explaining and selling to the clients
  • Como Group and Partners will close all the deals for you 
  • Monthly Zoom calls to assist you in your business
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for support
  • Our entire trained professional team works for you.
Here is what you do:
  • Pay a yearly subscription fee of $4997.00
  • Get a domain, hosting, SSL Certificate and TWO emails for your website through GoDaddy.
  • Commit a minimum of $30.00 per day in ad spend
  • Repost ads daily which should take about 15 mins per day
  • At times you may answer the phone if you choose to be more involved in your business – You can also OPT IN that we answer your calls for a fee and your paid telephone service.
Here are the loan products you will be offering:
  • All Business Loans ( Most )
  • Mortgages
  • Bank Statement Mortgages
  • All Hard Money for Real estate
  • All SBA loans
As you can see its a broad line of loan services. You chances of growing your business is amazing.

UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS – Take your business to the next level.

  • Once you start earning $10,000 per month, we may choose to dedicate one of our trained employess to become your company’s assistant to handle all your calls and clients. At our Cost!.
  • Get to $15,000 per month in earning, we will assign a trained employess to do marketing and advertising for you for SEVEN hours a day, FIVE days a week using a software that we recommend. You will pay the monthly software cost, we pay the employee.
Lets put things in perspective – This is you
  • You get a complete business for $4997.00
  • You are spending estimated $1000.00 in ad spend monthly, which you can recover with one fundable lead.
  • You are working 15 mins a day.
  • You have a chance to make $5000.00+ Monthly
  • You get back in the first year $2500.00 of the subscription fee after we have funded your fifth client. So your business for that year only cost you $2500.00.
Other things to consider:
  • This is the cheapest way to start a business
  • You are joining a business that is already set up for success
  • Its better than a ecommerce store that cost $20,000 to $80,000 to start.
  • The time it takes for you recovering your investment can be very much shorter, Maybe in just a few weeks.
  • Start seeing results in less than EIGHT weeks.
  • You can get more involved in your business to push it to success faster and maybe increase your earnings. We show you how!
Lets share a secret with you:
With some of our business loans, when you get a client that we fund $50,000, you can earn $2000.00 in our Business in a Box Program.
On some business loan product, you can earn $3750.00 for a $150,000 business loan.
How long do you think it will take you to earn your investment back?
We teach you how to generate leads how to get clients. You will become a lead generation company expert and company. But you will not succeed if you do not take iniative or follow what we suggest.
Be consistent and dedicated and you will succeed.

Price: $4997.00 yearly subscription