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When you need working capital fast for your business. Same Day Funding up to $1 Million We also offer a micro loan up to $35K in Minutes


We know business funding. We offer Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Equipment Financing,Working Capital and more!


We offer all SBA Loan Products. You focus on your business and let us get you approved. Start Ups, Expansion, Commercial etc.


We are a Nationwide Hard Money Provider.​ ​Fix and Flip, Purchase, Cash Out Refi, Ground Up Construction and More!


Nationwide Cash Out Refi on Commercial and Residential. Special owner occupied program, NO Monthly Payments

Our Videos:

Business Credit – Personal Credit – Business Ideas

We have just started our youtube Channel. Please click on the video and ” LIKE ” and “Subscribe”, so that you can learn all about Personal Credit and Business Credit.
We also show you investment opportunities and business ideas so that you can put money to work for you.
You will learn all about business credit from our videos. Please click on the video on the left and HIT that subscribe and like button so that you will be notified everytime we upload a new video. Expect a new video daily.
We will show you a whole different way of looking at credit. You will see the light.
We believe good credit is like a SIX in lotto. Where your chances of winning is 90%+. Stop looking at credit as just a way of you having a home, car and credit cards. Its really more than that.
Advantages of Building Personal and Business Credit!
Learn how to raise capital without:
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Revenues
  • Tax Returns
  • No Documentation
  • Your Personal Credit Remains Strong
  • Build more LLC and Corps and raise more capital.
​Learn how to use business credit as a tool to raise capital.
Raise Capital Fast.
Get $150,000 per LLC or Corp.
Every LLC or Corp that you build out has the potential over time to get you up to $500,000. This will be in business credit cards and lines of credit.
Our suggestion when using business credit to raise capital. When you are trying to raise for example $200,000, get TWO Corp or LLC. This way you can get funded fast, $100,000 per Corp or LLC. Then you can continue to fund those companis knowing that thee potential funding is a lot more.
The reason for our suggestion, it is faster and easier with two companies because the basic fast funding can be done in days getting you $100K per compnay.
Business Credit.
Step by Step Instructions
Here we expalin what a compliance check is and the actual building out of business credit.
Great information. Take a look.
Start Up Funding
How to Raise $200,000 for a Business Start Up.
Here we expalin how you can use Business Credit to raise capital for your Start Up Business, Invest in Real Estate for what so ever.
This shows a clear path to raising capital the easy way.
Authorize User Tradelines
How can it help boost personal credit profile.
Authorize Users Tradelines are an excellent tool to boost personal credit profiles. 
Please watch the video so you can find out ways that an Authorizer User Tradeline can be used for the benefit of your credit.
Please go to our home page and find the link to order Authorize User Tradelines.
We have a very large inventory of Authorize User Tradelines and a professional ordering system.
​REALITY – If you have good credit and build out a LLC or a Corp and establish business credit, YOU WILL GET CAPITAL!
You may be someone that want to start a small business. Maybe a home based business. 
You may just want to raise $100.000.
Now you are calculating what you amy need to get your business off the ground. You may come up with a budget of, lets say $60,000. Now you look at your savings and your personal credit cards and start thinking.  What about the risk and using up all your savings. Then you shy away from the idea.
Here is the solution:
Get a Corp or LLC and  build out the business credit. We will use your personal credit just as a SHOW. You will get the $60,000 fast without hurting your personal credit. Your savings has not been touched and MOST of all, you STILL have access to MORE capital.
REMEMBER: Most business fail due to the lack of capital. YOU WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM. So long as your personal credit remains good, you can always build out more corps or LLC to get the extra capital that you need.