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How to Raise $200,000+

No Tax Returns - No Proof of Business Revenues - No Documentation
​No Impact on your Personal Credit!

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
David Landers
How to raise $200,000+
What qualifications are needed and Step by Step Instructions.
Here we will show you qualifications needed on the following:
  • Personal Credit
  • Business Credit ( Dont have a business – No Problem )
Then we will show you step by step what you need to do to fund yourself or you can hire us to coach you on the funding, step by step.
Here is what we try to advise clients:
  • Use your personal credit as a tool to get funding using a LLC or Corp. This will never impact your personal credit so your personal credit remains great.
  • All the credit or loans you receive will not show on your personal credit so it does not effect your personal credit.
  • Always continue to build and better your personal credit, because so long you have excellent credit, you will always have access to or potential to raise capital.
  • For those that have bad credit, we share with you how to build your credit even while its bad and in months, with our techniques, you will have better credit and once we remove or resolve what is effecting your credit, you will have excellent credit.
  • We encourage those that have bad credit to watch our videos that will be released soon on how to rebuild credit and build relationships at the same time. We also will be updating our website with Step by Step instructions on rebuilding personal credit.


Don’t have a Business – No Problem, Read requirements of Business Credit.
Here we will show you the minimum requirements to qualify for funding of up to or more than $200,000
We never really discuss personal credit score because its decieving. Here we will explaing why. 
When it comes to getting loans or credit, banks and financial institutions looks at the HISTORY of your credit, and if you have the history, you will have the required score.
There are many people that have a 780+ credit score but they have NO HISTORY.
A simple example of this will be someone having three small $300,00 credit cards on their credit profile that is only THREE to SIX months old. Yes they will have a 780+ credit score BUT the determining factor of banks or financial institutions will be the history of your credit. The minimum credit history that banks like to see is atleast FOUR accounts on your personal credit that is your Individual account, THAT IS 2+ YEARS old and in good standing. This means open accounts that has never been late, has a perfect payments history.
However, having acredit file that has a little less that what we just listed above does not mean that you cannot get funded. It simply means, we fund and keep growing your personal credit and as time goes by, you keep qualifying for more.
Client that would like us to review their credit to advise or show them where they stand and what can be done, can reach out to us.
We will do a complete review of your personal credit and give you suggestions what you need to do to better your credit, what you can be funded and a plan of continuting to build your credit.
Bad Credit is not the end of the world. We can show you the BEST way to restore your credit and you will qualify for $50,000 every SIX months and will qualify for lots more after a year.
REMEMBER: If you invest in your credit, you are changing your life. We can show ways and suggestions on how to leverage credit to mkae money. Credit is the secret to becoming rich once you understand the concept. Credit is more than being able to by a house, car or get checaper insurance etc. Its the GREATEST tool in the USA for simple people like us to change our lives. Its not for everyone, but its for those that are willing to learn and implement.
We will be releasing many more videos on this topic. Please visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL by clicking on the VIDEO tab on the navigation bar and subscribe, and hit the bell icon so that you can be notified when we release new videos.
  • FOUR open accounts that are 2+ years old in good standing. This can be personal credit cards.
  • We like to see at least one of the above listed account with a $10,000 limit, however if you do not have that high limit, we can solve that requirement with an Authorize User Account.
  • DTC: Under 28% – This means the useage of all your credit cards is under 28%.
  • Less tha 2 inquiries in the last SIX months – We offer inuiry removal services.
  • No Negatives ( Collections etc – Late payments only if it is 3+ years old )
  • No Negative Public Records
  • Those that have a Mortgage and Auto loan on their credit will be in an even better qualification level.
Are you lookin g for maximum funding  but you have bad credit?
We accept credit partners. Credit partners is anyone with great credit that is willing to help you get the funding. We can add them to your business asa CFO just to get the funding and they can be removed after.
Your credit partner will be the guarantor of the loans or credit that your business gets so if you default, your credit partner is responsible for paying back those loans or is responsible for the loans or credits.
A credit partner is a great tool to use to get fast funding while you build your personal credit
First of all, for those that do not have a registered LLC or Corp, this is not a problem.
You DO NOT have to be in business to be a business.
REMEMBER: We will be raising this capital WITHOUT proof of revenues of your business or Business Tax Returns. Simply, NO Documentation.
ALL CREDIT AND LOANS: Will be based on your Personal Credit Profile and your Business Credit Profile.
Business credit is similiar to your personal credit profile, except it is faster and easier to build.
You can establish a basic business credit profile completely in 45 to 60 days. This will make your business crediable and fundable.
As you know personal credit takes a very long time to establish, especially waiting for your credit to age and create history. But with business credit, a so called starter business credit profile is enough to start getting funding.
  1. Business 20 Points Compliance Check
  2. The actual building of the business credit.
Business 20 Points Compliance Check
This 20 points business compliance check is what the banks required of every business to be legit.
This means your business entity was set up correctly and has all the nuts and bolts that are required to make your business crediable and fundable. These 20 points must be completed to ensure that your business passes the compliance checks and then you can start building business credit. The 20 points compliance check is the FOUNDATION of your  business and this will be the determining factor of whether your business will be approved for loans or credit.
Here on our website we show you step by step how to get the 20 points compliance checklist done.
The art or building business credit simply means establishing relationships with other businesses that will offer their products or services to you ON CREDIT and allowing you 30 days ( This is called a Net 30 Account ), to pay the invoice. These companies or vendors in turn will report this credit that is extended to you to the BUSINESS CREDIT BUREAUS, hence the CREDIT LINE that they extended to your business, now shows up on your company’s business credit report. 
You will the get a business credit score. The more venors that extend credit to your business as a Net 30 Account, they stronger your business credit profile and score will get. 
A good basic business credit score is a 80 Paydex ( Just like your personal credit score is called FICO, a business credit score is called PAYDEX ).
This can be achieved fast with THREE vendors. We suggest for you to have SEVEN to 10 Vendors. 
We show you for FREE, here on our website how to complete the 20 points compliance and build your business credit. Just follow the step. Go to Build Business Credit tab on the navigation bar.
On our website here we have over 50 vendors that will offer a new business like yours Net 30 Accounts. 
We suggest you start by clicking on the ” BUILD BUSINESS CREDIT ” tab on the navigation bar and start with the:
  1. The 20 Points Compliance Checklist
  2. Then below the 20 Points checklist are the Vendors that you can apply to once you have completed the 20 points compliance checklist. Apply to 7 to 10 of them.
  • LLC or Corp ( New Accepted – We also offer 2+ year old LLC or Corps for sale ).
  • The 20 Points Compliance Checklist Completed
  • Apply to  7 to 10 Vendors that offer Net 30 Accounts and wait for all of them to report to the business credit bureaus.
REMEMBER: banks like to lend to businesses that are 2+ Years old. We offer aged corporations that are 2+ years old for sale. You can also use a new LLC or Corp, but funding will be less.
Since your personal credit remains great, you can build out more than ONE LLC or Corp and fund multiple companies. Build, Fund and Repeat. You can raise $500K+ with thos method!
In the event that you have the qualifications of the personal credit requirement, its time for you to build your business credit following our Step by Step Instructions.
We also offer a BUILD for you service for a fee.
We also show you how to fund yourself or you can hire us as your funding coach.
Questions: Call us at ( 844)841–1010
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